2019 Honorees

& MCs

George Daniels has been trailblazer in entrepreneurship (Music and Spirits) for over 40 years. Click Here to learn more.

Kourtney Gibson is the President of Loop Capital, the largest Black Owned global investment services firm in the world.  Click Here to learn more.

Kurt Summers is the  Treasurer for the City of Chicago and manages the city's $8 billion investment portfolio. Click Here to learn more.

Alonzo Jackson is the  Founder of Fashion Geek, one of the most popular urban fashion brands in Chicago over the last 10 year. Click Here to learn more.

Amara Enyia is currently director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce in Chicago and Chief Executive Officer of ACE Municipal Partners. Click Here to learn more.

Isreal Idonije is a world class athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Click Here to learn more.

John Monopoly is a well-known hip hop talent scout, manager, and Chicago icon. Click Here to learn more.

Luvvie Ajayi is an award-winning author, speaker and digital strategist. Click Here to learn more.

Astin Hayes is an up and coming tech entrepreneurClick Here to learn more.

the  Master & Mistress of Ceremonies

Kyle Santillian is the co-host of one of the nations top rated radio shows. Click Here to learn more.

Felicia Lawrence is the co-host of the Jam (WCIU), one Chicago's most popular morning TV shows. Click Here to learn more.

the DJs

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